• Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 20:30

Tasty Travels

Season 2 - Episode 4

Tags:JFX MarketDonutsBFMSeasonal IngredientsHula HoopHomemade Pizza

Green Scene

Kate’s headed for one amazing adventure at the Baltimore Farmers’ Market and Bazaar, aka “The JFX” market.  After grabbing a great cup of joe from Zeke’s, it’s time to make the “donuts” - mini donuts that is with a 101 lesson from Mitch Salland.  He and his team crank out 100’s of donuts on the fly under the freeway every weekend with a fixings bar full of fun toppings. Then, Kate teams up with with BFM’s in-house Chef Charlotte Galley.  They’ll shop for seasonal ingredients, including some mouth watering mushrooms, fresh asparagus and creamy cheese.  They’ll talk about what’s in season and share some strategies for shopping within this wonderful, sprawling market.  They even have to time to hula hoop before heading back to Charlotte’s back yard to bake up some homemade pizza paired up with a fresh salad.