Out & About

“Out & About” gives viewers an all access pass to entertaining places all around the city of Baltimore. This show is “Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations” Baltimore style. Out & About features exclusive hot spots from trendy restaurant’s to bars, clubs, hotels, fashion, and spas, as well as arts and cultural finds. The show’s host/producer Kuren Redmond takes viewers along with her to visit multiple destinations around town in each episode. She provides a road map of what’s hot, hip and even sometimes weird in the city. “Out & About” gives viewers an inside look at the most popular restaurants, hottest happenings and new trends taking place across the city of Baltimore. Viewers see the best places to eat, play and indulge, or discover art or the unusual. The ultimate goal of the show is to have viewers experience the adventure and discover something new and old in Baltimore City.

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